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As the second largest city in Georgia, Augusta is no different from other metropolitan areas in that it houses a burgeoning, if somewhat underground,  literary community. The efforts put forth by Augusta writers to create networks, programs and publishing opportunities through grassroots projects are gargantuan. But the dedicated writers who pursue these tasks understand that immersing oneself in a world of fellow creatives is key to understanding the current literary landscape and engaging in the dialogue of contemporary literature.

This website is intended to guide writers through an early writing career’s murky paths. And, as a visitor to this website, I hope that you discover new avenues for your creative works in the city we call home. I aim to highlight opportunities for you to showcase your works and to meet with other writers, and I hope to explore the on and off-campus events that contribute to Augusta’s growing writing community.  Some of these events may include open mic nights, contest openings, calls for submission and workshops.

Oh, about the name Poets and Prosers: Let’s just say I know someone who is far more clever with naming than I am.

Check out the blog, and check out Augusta State University’s Phoenix Magazine  for more on and off-campus news.


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Deadline for Sand Hills Submissions

Get PublishedNovember 30th, 2012
Today is the last day for ASU and GHSU students to submit their poems, short stories and creative nonfiction pieces to Sand Hills literary magazine!

Non-Required Readers

Talk ShopOctober 27th, 2012
Join us tonight at the Pizza Joint in downtown Augusta for some creative writing chat.